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Ways Of Word | McNeillServices | Disclaimer +




Although plentiful information on how Ways Of Word conducts itself, vis-à-vis your information, can easily be obtained across the website, the author does feel it necessary to locate just a few essentials, here.


If you need to raise any questions about these disclaimers prevalent within Ways Of Word, you are invited to send an email to: waysofword@gmail.com | mike@mcneillservices.org



Disclaimer statements in regard to Ways Of Word | Micro-Prose


It is fully acknowledged that Ways of Word creative writing realm is essentially a blocky “map”.

Hence, the originator game (MineTest) is a vehicle on which Ways Of Word conducts its creative and educational aims. These interactions and aims are merely imaginative within the construct program coded by the genius of the coding and moding volunteers of the generous and esteemed MineTest Community. At no time does Ways Of Word claim any authorship over these pre-existing works. Our goals are solely focused upon the singular aim of creative writing. Truly, somewhat novel actually within a blocky game, however, this creative writing enterprise is offered in good faith and the game / realm / map similarly - “as-is”. Although discussion had been held on other platforms regarding the supply of an “.exe” file within the .ZIP, the scope of the storyline, being dependent upon various presets and defaults, mean that it has been decided to supply the game / map integrally in its present zipped format to ensure the actuality of the game, itself.


From this website you will find links to a few other web pages, intended as useful or directly related to this creative writing project. While you are visiting this website you offer your agreement to abide by the disclaimers and advice offered herein. Whereupon, you choose to follow any available links to other websites, you need then to heed and be aware of conditions of use claimed by these other entities, Ways Of Word cannot be held accountable for the offer and activities of other websites and users should actively make themselves aware of how such external websites operate, by referring to their stated Terms Of Service.


Explicitly, this website makes users aware of the fact that the content herein is not intended for persons under the age of 13 years of age. Parents, guardians and educators must acknowledge our intentions here and (where judged to be necessary – for instance, through our recommendation) to restrict under age guests from accessing the offered features and activities. As stated elsewhere within the website, it is perceived that no direct harm would befall younger guests, however, data sharing restrictions preclude guests younger than 13 years of age from knowingly using the website.


Also, due to an abundance of caution (though such areas and scenes are not overly many), players may find that some deep dropping shafts are lined with wall lights and if gamers are sensitive to episodes of flashing, an awareness in advance is here being given for gamers to make an informed decision on whether or not to play the game. These determinations may be abruptly updated.








Ways of Word would like to point out this salient issue.


This matter arose nearly immediately upon our launch from this server.


It must be made clear that this is an independent and grass-roots fun and educational, freedom-to-share creative written works project. Yes it is fringe, yet respectfully - clean. There will be self-appointed websites claiming global authority on the reputation of online clubs and organisations using their own self-designed and (likely to save money) bot ridden algorithmic methods of judging these websites. We will ever be avant-garde and 'culty', but always transparent. All the methods of communication are live and monitored.


Any communication you have with Ways Of Word will be with a human. Nothing on, or associated with this website is fake, nor AI generated. All creative pursuits are genuinely intended and of human origin.


It is the belief held that these so-called scam measurement websites are themselves somewhat dubious and trawling for reactions from genuine and sincere webmasters that are not directly contacted for any professional nor independent determination of authenticity.


WaysOfWord | Ways Of Word wishes to reassure its visitors that their visits and return visits are most welcome and not taken for granted nor misused. Furthermore, we strongly endorse the fact that online safety is paramount and that all anti-malware and

anti-viral measures should be in place by users.


Herewith, we recommend a very good free product, much celebrated by the online community, namely

[ https://www.avast.com/avast-online-security#pc ]

Avast's FREE Online Security & Privacy Extension.


Measure our performance by the best in the business, such as Avast (other great Online Safety Products are available) and not by scam detector start-ups swinging a hook in!


In addition to that, may we mention that we have found

[ https://www.7-zip.org/download.html ]

7-zip to be the most reliable unzipper to-date in relation to unpacking the, AS-IS, blocky game on offer, here.


Thank you.








Please note this very important point!


There are plenty of nice things available from legitimate sources online where grass-roots and indie creators provide their free ideas in .ZIP format download via their own independently created websites. However, logically there are plenty of other online entities with malign intent who may copy this concept, herein. So caution is advised. Do NOT download any apparent Ways Of Word | WOW .ZIP files from other sites claiming to host such downloads. Ways Of Word can only stand over its available .zipped game provided through:-


[ https://waysofword.org ] or via the legacy website [ http://crikey.50megs.com/WaysOfWord ]



Any unauthorised copies of this / these files from unintended and unknown-parties cannot be in the realm of our (waysofword.com / micro-prose.com) influence and at NO TIME should anyone insert such files NOT being provided for, nor downloaded, from www.WaysOfWord.org www.WaysOfWord.com and its partners in provisioning - crikey.50megs.com & McNeillServices.org & Mickey McNeill - Ways Of Word @outlook, WaysOfWord_Ways_Of_Word_Free-will_Creative_Writing_in_3D_on_MineTest on asuswebstorage.com & Google Drive @WaysOfWord & Google Drive @NacKKraft.


Of course, it has to be to pointed out, that Ways Of Word cannot take responsibility for your decision to insert (install) the game / software, and therefore NONE & NO liability for any loss, damages, nor detriments to some or all of any system's functionalities shall be borne by WaysOfWord and affiliates. You must decide on the merits of the project and worthiness of the idea, and use of same and game, yourself. Therefore, it is supplied and provided merely, "AS IS".



As a very worthy alternative to what is on offer here, you will always find links on this website and on the legacy equivalent website to the standard issue and professionally provided MineTest game, itself.








UPFRONT STATEMENT  on project commencement 



Dear WOW readers,


Please note that Ways Of Word fully respects the work of the highly generous and creative contributors to the masterful invention – MineTest – particularly Version 5.4.1 offered by them as free and under open CCC and essential for this project. Ways Of Word completely subscribes to the principles of this originator work and its free supply. This then is reflected in this educationally oriented creative writing project which is also wholly free. You will find that nothing on this website is hampered or curtailed and, although copyright is claimed in creative works, all these creative works are supplied to you directly for your creative and / or educational uses. However, if or when you further display and publicly use these poetic and artistic works you must cite their origin and not display or announce these works as yours. Of course, that would be an infringement of naturally held copyright claimed and stated by Ways Of Word | WOW and all unique contributing authors on this website sharing forum.


Thank you.








Ways Of Word | WOW open statement to visiting (free-will) contributors on the matter of creative writing on Ways Of Word | WOW and announcing and retaining copyright over your (contributor) creative works.


It must be plainly said, once more, that when contributors decide (of their own volition) to offer their own creative works, either to be highlighted within sections of Ways Of Word, here, or elsewhere on the Ways Of Word social media hubs, that that creative work remains wholly under copyright of the originating author and at no time will or does Ways Of Word | WOW suggest otherwise. Ways Of Word openly directs the truth on this matter that those who offer creative works to Ways Of Word, either through its social media hubs or upon the actual website, itself, that the originating contributor permanently holds copyright over their works. Here, Ways Of Word openly voices that such work should not be shown or announced publicly by (other) third-party entities without the express permission of the originating author. Such actions would represent a copyright infringement wholly held by these originator creative contributors. Essentially, all creative works displayed and announced at Ways Of Word are held under copyright by various originator authors / creators.


If these authors freely offer such works here, of their own volition, these originator authors permit exclusive rights of sharing and display to Ways Of Word, and where this implied and, here, asserted (as a) right to display by and through Ways Of Word | WOW is then subsequently withdrawn by the contributor, this originating author must expressly put this in writing as an instruction of permanent withdrawal and deletion to Ways Of Word and, then also, (themselves) delete said creative works from the Ways Of Word social media hubs via the personal social media accounts linked to / with this free-will creative writing project. Plainly, Ways Of Word will never knowingly nor intentionally display original creative works without the implied and agreed permission of the originating author. Authors who engage with this free-will creative writing project must, themselves, oversee and announce copyright on their own creative works which will always be respected and (where given) displayed by Ways Of Word | WOW.




The easiest way to state copyright, for the purposes of this project, is to represent a contributing screenshot image which holds the internationally recognised symbol formula “ Copyright © 2023 “ upon and with one's uploaded contribution. Ways Of Word also directs contributors to read and acknowledge the separate Privacy Policies of the various Social Media platforms before engaging with the Ways Of Word | WOW creative writing project via these platforms. Obviously, Ways Of Word | WOW does not influence the activities nor changing legal agreements that these social media companies impose or may impose.


Thank You.








*So, let's begin*



As  it  goes,  you  may  have  noticed  that  our  website  "  www.waysofword.com  "  went  down  for  two  whole  days  [22nd & 23rd of September, 2023].


Yes,  site  traffic  on  release  of  this  particular  version,  the  most  recent  version  of  the  expansive   Ways  Of  Word   -  creative writing  project  within  a  3D   realm  on  Legacy  MineTest  5.4.1  -  "RIVERBANK   Edition"  -  burnt  out  our  monthly  allocation  of bandwidth   in  only  3  days!   Thus,  the  necessary  implementation  of  an  alternative   TLD   &  domain  URL  solution  - "www.waysofword.org"  was  evolved.


So,   now   it's  green  for  go,  again!


What  will  happen,   going  forward,   is  that  all  of  our  TLDs  will  resolve  at:

waysofword.org   or   www.waysofword.org


This  development  will  give  the  site   comprehensively    better  up -time,  as  the  new  server  has  zero  restrictions  on  bandwidth, and   that is  totally  good  news!


What  stays  the  same?


The  new  web-entity  which  is  WaysOfWord.Org  is  styled  on  the  simple,  but  obviously  appealing,  legacy  website  that  was

(and  still  is)  hosted  on 50megs.


For  the  foreseeable  future,  it  is  anticipated  that  this  historic  website  image  of  the  Ways Of Word   experience  will be  kept

live.  One  will  merely  have  to wait  for  the  current  cycle  of  bandwidth   usage   to  reset  at  the  end  of  the  monthly  timeframe. This  is  useful  as  it  proves  the  authenticity  of  the  project  and  particularly  the  highly  important  fact  that  the  creative  writing project  was  instigated   in  late  Winter  /  early  Spring,  2023  -  well  and  truly  before  any  copycat  versions  of  this  3d,  blocky-game  publishing  concept  arrived  on  the  scene.


The  concept  itself  was  devised  and  strung  together  by  Mickey McNeill  aka  NacKKraft,  Wien,  Vienna,   AT  -  over  a  working timescale  of  4  years  building .


Ways  Of  Word  is  100%  FREE,  completely  remaining  true  to  the  high  ambitions  of  the  base  program  MineTest,  which  is CCC neutral  and  also  entirely  free!   You  can  gain  a  clone  of  this  unique   and  expansive  map  /  realm  ~  Ways  Of  Word  ~  game via  one  of  the  download   links  provided  within  the  website,  here.   Additionally,  the  homepage  does  provide  a  download   link to  the  standard  MineTest,  game  where  you  may  go  and  create  your  own  map  /  realm  from  scratch!   NB:  When  you  wish  to go  and  obtain  the  most  recent  version  of  MineTest  and  to  then  unpack  /  install  this,  to  use  this  newer  version  of  MineTest you  must  first  relocate  this   "Ways  Of  Word"  cloned  version  to  a separate  folder  allowing  the  newest  version  of  MineTest  to seamlessly  install  and  operate. 


For  guardians  and   educators:-  you  will  need  administration  rights  to  move  the  downloaded  .ZIP  file  (approximately  1.62 GB in  size)  directly  into  the  *documents  folders*  of   computers  which  are  in  use  in  your  educational  facility.  You will also

require  administration  rights  to  execute  the  unzipping  process  -  Ways  Of  Word,  RIVERBANK  Edition  -   unzips  to approximately 2.5 GB.  These  administration  rights  can  be  obtained    from  the  department  head  supervising   IT   at  your  educational  facility. The  above  is  gone  into  in greater  depth  elsewhere  within  the  information  areas  of  this  website.

I  aim  to  periodically  update  this   Blog  information,  here,  and   also  the   Issues & Advice  |  Read Me  section  of  the website, monthly.


However,  if  you  have  any  queries  regarding   the   origins  and  expectations  of  the  project  -  drop  WOW  a  line.













So, if anyone was looking... yes it was noticed! The

" http://www.waysofword.com " domain went down two days ago, while (not) resolving to its host (the below) crikey.50megs.com server. This host has been a miniature lion for 20 years for CrikeyEnglish | McNeillServices | English-VC related projects, and until today, was the settled home for the Creative English, writing-within-a-3D-realm on MineTest 5.4.1, free and free-will project called - WaysOfWord | Ways Of Word.



Why did it go offline?



It went offline due to consuming its monthly assigned quota of bandwidth within 3 days of announcing the actually completed version of Ways Of Word - Version 1.0 RIVERBANK Edition. It seems the idea is striking a chord with people and, therefore, a solution has now been evoked, namely :- " https://www.waysofword.org "


The error of insufficiency of bandwidth has been permanently rectified as the new server, serving as host to - WaysOfWord.org has zero restrictions and should work seamlessly. The new website is a true reflection of the original - WaysOfWord domain, both in simple, cheerful style and manner of use.


So, happy writing and 'screen-shooting' your creative prose, poems and short stories for sharing within the Ways Of Word online community.


Ever best, NacKKraft (NK)


PS. Ways Of Word has a new, easy-to-remember, forwarding domain name:- " http://www.WOW.Irish "


PPS: It is strongly recommend to search out the *Google Shared Photos* opportunity within waysofword.org , as this it the easiest way to share "up" your creative work.


A last footnote: It is even more strongly recommended that :-

gamers and writers use [ https://www.7-zip.org/download.html ]

7-Zip unzipper, as it has been found to be error free in unzipping the download file within your documents folder.


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So now that we are up and running once more on the latest iteration of the Ways Of Word website [ .org ], it is pleasant to witness a return to hits! If you discover something that is not loading correctly, do make contact to set things straight. The theory into practice has been thoroughly tested on older computers, and only today the game was unzipped / unpacked directly into the *documents* folder of a very old (but was a rather good system back in its day) Sony Vaio VPC-F21Z1E/BI, a 2011 laptop. The Sony Vaio VPC-F21Z1E/BI was bigger than others of its brand and so the bigger screen size does make the beauty of the blocky game - Ways Of Word even more apparent. Naturally, it must be endlessly acknowledged that the substrata of the original coding magician-ship of the volunteers and moders of MineTest, who have brought the world into being in the first place must be truly celebrated. Ways Of Word could not be if it were not for these givers making creative projects like Ways Of Word a liveable reality.


The project is an AS IS - now you are invited to delve right in and write!


While you are enjoying this Single-Player game - WOW RIVERBANK Edition, I aim to start writing a middle sized story to place within the game, whereupon the newest version is then currently planned to be called - Ways Of Word - RIVERBANK HOME Edition.













~  Words Of Illogicality  ~


by Mickey McNeill © 2023




Baa, baa, blue frog,

have you any time?

Maybe squire, unlikely henchman,

as I work from the vine.


String out your wares,

peg the colours to and fro.

Beg your pardon from the cleric,

another thought to row.


Too many have passed.

Too few can climb back up.

But from the dusk

across the darkness

Blue will merry go.







Hi! I am NacKKraft – Mickey McNeill and this is my ode against AI, which is the antithesis of the fundamentals of this free-will writing project.  I take the view that AI trainers have not been focused upon illogicality as any form of virtue, either artistic or functional.


So, I pose the probable concept that AI can't represent the kind of ideas that I have just written in the words above. Thus, proving the human authenticity of this project and also taking the opportunity to remind contributors that AI generated content is not intended nor welcome. So, keep writing using your own head as this is really important, while others around you lose theirs to the force of

non-thinking due to the influence of AI.


Illogicality can rock, both in the high lands and under hill within the fantasy realm of

Ways Of Word. By the way, what would AI need fantasy for anyway? Does AI dream? No!


Best! NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill, Vienna, AT.










Ways Of Word | WOW - Indie creative writing project on Legacy MineTest 5.4.1 by Mickey McNeill, Vienna, AT.



We do hope that visitors are enjoying the virtues of experimenting in short and pleasing creative writing works, actually, within this beautiful blocky-game. Lots can be said about this innovative online e-publishing, free-will, grassroots writing concept and a lot has already been said on the idea at:-




Voluntary contributions can be uploaded to any of the Social Media forums linked on the WaysOfWord webpages, however, it has been decided to allocate a central and unified space for commentary and questions at:-




... due to its abundant clarity and good oversight and community culture.


Therefore, interested parties and groups and student classes are encouraged to create a free account

at Dreamwidth and then join the discussion and offer commentary and queries directly on the

Ways Of Word - Dreamwidth community page.


Thank you and good writing!


Ways of Word | WOW - Vienna, AT.





Refer to:- [ https://www.dreamwidth.org/legal/privacy ]








* * For the record - please note that it was WaysOfWord | WOW which withdrew from a 5 month long engagement with Reddit due to persistent anomalous issues with Reddit Auto-Bot malfunctions where continued participation with Reddit was deemed inappropriate. * *


* * Additionally - please also note that WaysOfWord | WOW  has withdrawn its participation with Facebook. * *




















Ways Of Word - Riverbank - Be Part Of The Story - Built for enchanting tales and prose and ancient computer systems.

WOW, built to run on legacy computers [typically produced more that 12 years ago] so that less fortunate communities and their students may easily  interact with the writing project.


What's the word?  Note that this project is for human  inventive word creation and  not  for any AI.